I will interpret your birth chart and create a 60 minute tape — any age. This will be mailed directly to you. There is no need to be present for this service. Following is a list of astrological tapes for you or yours:

Natel Interpretations — Includes an overview of your inherent personality traits with potentials and challenges in all areas of your life, plus a brief six-month forecast. (Infants slightly differ.) $80

Transit Interpretations This is considered an “update” on your present situations in life and how planetary energies will be affecting you in the near future and what to expect for the next year. $80

Progressed Interpretation This is considered a deeper look at you and your life map. It show how your consciousness is evolving and where your need and desires are best applied. $80

Synastry Interpretation or "Compatibility" Reading This assists you in understanding your relationship with another, and is often requested for new romantic relationships as well as any others. One CD $95; 2 CD set $180


Relocation Interpretation This helps you find out if the place you’re interested in relocating to is an area that best suits you according to a compatibility with the vibration of the chosen area. $80


To order tapes or CDs please mail your birth data:
(date, time and place) information and check to:

Mary Trumpfheller
18320 North Shore Estates
Spring Lake, MI 49456
phone: (616) 846-1967

Allow two weeks for delivery unless notfied otherwise (all checks are held until delivery.) *It is helpful to note questions or areas of life that your are interested in, also if you are presently in a relationship and do or not have children.